Monday, May 27, 2013

Children's Museum, Here We Come!

      A day of fun was had by all!  These photographs document some highlights of the day!

"Riding" in the hot air balloon.

Waiting for the parachute to come down.

Balls and ramps!

Climbing wall


Baby care

Building a car

Make me a pizza!

Can't live without these ladies!

The doctor is in!

How can I help you?

Keeping them corralled...:)

Still corralling...

Last corralling pic!


So sweet!
     We had an extremely successful day.  All of the kids were on their best behavior -- they made me proud!

One Soggy Day

     I have been meaning to post these pictures for about a month now!  Today is the perfect day to get it done.  Our trip to the Jefferson County Park was definitely a soggy one.  I can't thank my parent volunteers enough -- although the weather was miserable, we all enjoyed our time with Therese and created some special memories out in the rain!

     We spent lots of time learning about frogs and toads and creating a "chorus" with combs, marbles, rubber bands, and our voices.  The inclement weather created the perfect opportunity to observe a real, live toad up close!

It was so chilly that he wasn't moving; this is why we could get really close!

Boys and toads!  :)

     Our time in the nature center was fun, too.  My favorite part was the game show, but the kids loved using the binoculars (too bad most of the birds were hiding away from the rain!).

     I love this picture.  "Look, Mom!  I'm the same size as a bear!"

 These kids have climbed their way into my heart!  :)


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