Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back At It!

     Apparently, I have been on vacation from my blog!  I vow to renew my commitment to weekly updates and snapshots of what is happening in the wonderful world of kindergarten!  Next week, expect an exciting post about Day 100 -- Monday will be filled with many fun activities centered around the number 100.  I always look forward to the students' enthusiasm that day.
    As I reflect on the first 98 days of the year, I realize how much we have grown and progressed.  Check out these photos from this fall.  The kids look so little!

     In the above pictures, we are meeting with our 3rd grade reading buddies.  Each week, we spend a little time with our older friends who read to us and help us practice our skills, too!  It is a great way for the third graders to strengthen their fluency and the kindergartners love the attention of the "big kids."

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