Thursday, September 15, 2011

Library Time!

     With a few weeks of school under our belt, we are ready to enjoy a weekly visit to the library.  Your child will have the opportunity to check out two books every Tuesday.  As long as they are returned, they can be swapped for two new books the following Tuesday.

     I hope you'll have time each week to sit down with your child and read together.  The number one way to support and enrich your child's school experience is to READ!

Keep in mind that your child searched. . .
. . .and searched to find the perfect book to share with you! 

   We discussed that it is extremely important to keep track of library books.  You may want to find a special spot at home -- out of the reach of toddlers and pets -- to store the books.  Or, it might be best to place them right back into your child's backpack after they have been read.  This will prevent lost or damaged books, and will save you the money of replacing the ones you can't return!

          I hope you'll enjoy those special story times as much as I know they do!


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