Thursday, September 22, 2011

A New Way to Learn

     I just love this picture!  All of the kids are so engaged and seem joyful!  Our Pence kindergarten team was so excited to discover a new instructional tool last year and we were overjoyed when the Fairfield Education Foundation awarded us a grant to purchase these materials!
   In the photo above, the kindergartners are participating in simultaneous multi-sensory learning.  This is a method of teaching that engages multiple pathways to the brain at the same time.  The students see it, say it, hear it, and do it all simultaneously.  Currently, we are working on our numbers to thirty.  We watch a video developed by Heidi Butkus.  As we watch, we sing the song and move our bodies.  You can just feel our brains lighting up!  It is my hope that this sensory method will improve our number recognition and help us all to feel successful.
     You might be wondering what the kids are seeing on the screen.....
     If you'd like more information about Heidi's resources, visit

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