Thursday, October 20, 2011

Field Trip Fun!

      It doesn't get much better than a field trip to Jefferson County Park with naturalist Therese Cummiskey!  She is extremely entertaining and so knowledgeable, that we always find ourselves learning without even realizing it!  Tuesday turned out to be a great day to be outside.  It was warm enough that we weren't miserable, but cool enough that we kept things moving.  We spent the majority of time learning about signs of fall and searching for fall colors.  Fun was had by all! 

     I think I'll let the photos (with a few captions speak) for themselves this week!

When we arrived, we explored the nature center....

Therese impressively learned every child's name by magically memorizing his or her face!

We next ventured outdoors to collect fall colors on a palette.

Josh tried his hardest to blow the milkweed off his finger, but it wouldn't budge!

 Mr. Squirrel called to invite us to help him collect some hickory nuts.

 Here's a close-up view!

We kept Therese busy with her nutcracker.

Alex tried a hickory nut!

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