Thursday, October 6, 2011

"We Saved the Day!"

     KR is in the news!  I hope you've had a chance to hear from your child all about our big day on Tuesday, but if you haven't heard, see the front page of Wednesday's Fairfield Ledger!
     Part of our math curriculum suggests a neighborhood walk.  As you walk, you are to search for numbers on houses, street signs, and license plates.  The kids then record their findings on a clipboard.  We had so much fun writing our numbers, but we ended up finding something very unexpected.....we found a house on fire!
     I was so proud of my students because they knew that we should call 911.  They waited calmly and patiently while Mrs. Price and I sought help.  We walked back to the playground out of harm's way, but excitedly watched as the emergency vehicles pulled up to begin fighting the fire.  We all felt good that we could help a stranger in need.  I think it was a "real world" lesson that will stick with them always!
     Although our math lesson got a little sidetracked, the pictures below show how hard the students worked prior to all of the excitement.

We even found numbers on our clothes!

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