Monday, December 17, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

     I'm not quite sure what happened to the month of November, but it's long gone and December seems to be slipping away just as quickly! I hope you enjoy the photos I'd like to share to help catch you up on what's been going on in KR!

Fire Safety

Mr. Winslow came and taught us about fire safety.

I was the lucky teacher chosen to try on his gear.  My, was it heavy!


      One of my favorite concepts to teach in math is symmetry.  The kids get really intrigued by it and start looking for lines of symmetry everywhere!  Perhaps you've heard about something being symmetrical at home?  (Maybe too many times?!  :) )  I love the photo below.  Look at the excitement on their faces as their symmetrical paintings are revealed.
Here is the "before," as we were "tipping and dripping" our paint bottles to create our masterpieces!
Jefferson County Park


     We had a beautiful morning at the park with Therese!  She does an amazing job of teaching the kids about nature, while entertaining them at the same time.  Our main goal on our hike was to find the colors of fall and capture them on our palettes.  We found leaves, grasses, seeds, pine needles, and nuts to represent the beautiful colors observed in autumn.  I hope you were able to catch a glimpse of your child's palette before it fell apart.

     Stay tuned for another post in the near future!  :)

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