Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 100 Highlights!

     Since we have yet ANOTHER snow day today, I thought I'd take a minute to share our Day 100 photos.  I love Day 100 because it presents the opportunity to celebrate the number we've worked so hard to understand all year.  We now know that 10 groups of 10 make 100.  We can count by 1's and 10's to 100.  It's fun for the kids to realize that we are 100 days smarter!
     Most of our day revolved around the number 100.  We started by reading Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten.  The kids love Miss Bindergarten!  We followed up the story by responding to the frame:  "I could eat 100 _______.  I could not eat 100 _______." 

     In Math, we made the classic Froot Loop necklaces.  Before they strung their cereal, the students organized it into 10 groups of 10 on a workmat.  It was a great way for them to visualize just how big 100 really is!

     The stringing part was the fun part, though!

My little worker bees.  :)

The "silly" shot.

     We ended our day with a "100 Kisses Hunt."  So fun!  Each child had to search for 6 Kisses.  Each Kiss had a sticker on the bottom with a number from 1-100.  We met back on the carpet and put the Kisses in order on the chart.

     Here's to NO MORE snow days!  I miss my kids!

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